March 30, 2012

Dim Sum @ Miliken Restaurant & Bar

Miliken Restaurant & Bar is a cheap and decent dim sum restaurant in the Scarborough area. Prices are $2.10 for all dishes during the week and $2.40 for the weekend. I live awfully close to the restaurant so I also appreciate the convenience.
I didn't try neither the Chiu Chow-style meat and vegetable dumplings nor the crystal shrimp dumplings, so I can't comment too much on them. The shrimp dumplings were on the smaller side.
The first plate of deep fried taro dumpling given to us was barely lukewarm in the centre, so we had to ask for another batch.
The portion sizes for Korean style short ribs were quite inconsistent. We had two orders of this dish and the second dish was a lot larger. However, the short ribs tasted pretty good, albeit a little oily.
One of my favourite dishes here was deep fried meat dumpling. The slightly sweetened glutinous dumpling skin was on the thicker side and had a nice, chewy texture.

Quintessential breakfast food to me is plain congee accompanied by deep fried dough. Usually, I can only order congee when I'm with a large group because it can be quite filling, especially with all that deep fried dough! 
This version of rice noodle roll-wrapped crispy dough was surprisingly refined and delicious! Sometimes, this dim sum dish can be a real disappointment when the execution misses the mark. However, I'd definitely order this again in the future.
I wished for more filling in these deep fried shrimp dumplings with salad dressing. I should really stop ordering so much fried food!
I ordered these pan fried meat and veggie dumplings for my boyfriend so I didn't try any. I wasn't terribly enticed- they looked awfully greasy, and the dipping vinegar had a strangely bright hue.
One of the servers enticed us with a heaping plate of veggies ($2.99), and it was a great, healthy addition to the meal. And then there were the desserts! Double boiled egg white and cream with ginger was surprisingly well-executed. The dessert was steamed to the right consistency.
 Egg tarts are my favourite desserts when it comes to dim sum. These miniature tarts weren't spectacular, but good enough to satisfy my egg tart craving.
One of the item that was really intriguing was the sesame dumpling with bitter melon and salted egg yolk.  From the description, we really couldn't figure out whether it was a sweet or savoury dish! It turned out to be a dessert similar to a sesame mochi ball with a runny salted egg yolk filling. Bitter melon is infused in the dumpling skin, hence the slight green tint. Luckily, I could only taste a tiny hint of the bitter melon, and it didn't detract from the dessert at all. I enjoyed it very much and would order this again.
All in all, not a bad place for cheap dim sum. I'd come during the week if possible to avoid the weekend crowd (and price premium). But on the weekends, the servers circulate around holding dishes that are not on the menu, and these items are not available during the week. I always like to see what they bring out (and it's usually quite enticing), so I try not to order so much from the regular menu and save some room for these special items.
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