March 26, 2012

7-Course Tasting Menu @ Acadia

I cannot express how excited I was for Acadia's $39 seven course tasting menu! I've always been deterred from trying tasting menu because of the usual high price, so naturally, I couldn't pass up on this opportunity. Not to mention that Acadia is currently one of hottest restaurants in town!
I've also been dying to try Acadia's cornbread. Unfortunately, the restaurant was only serving the tasting menu for the night, so we couldn't order anything off its regular menu. I guess that means I'll have to come back again soon!
We didn't opt for the cocktail pairings with our meal, (I had to drive) but Sandy did order a cold red tea- rooibos, ginger, lemon, peach bitters, soda. This was meant to accompany the third course (the catfish). I took a few sips and it tasted like a very delicious iced tea. I particularly enjoyed the peach bitters.
1st course: Fish skin- smoked crème fraîche, dill pollen
This was perhaps the only thing of the night that I didn't enjoy. Personally, I don't like fish skin, and there was some bitterness to the taste that was very off-putting for me. Sandy and I both found it very salty.
2nd course: Warm scallop- red brassica, wild mustard, celeriac, watermelon radish
This was so beautifully presented that I didn't want to touch it at all. The scallops were perfectly cooked, and the whole combination was incredibly tasty. That dollop of purée and smear of red sauce were amazing, even though I couldn't identify what they were at all!
3rd course: Catfish- pumpkernickel, goat's curd, pickled egg yolk & white, onion tops
I'm in love with the presentation, particularly the contrast between the black pumpernickel, grey plate, and white sauce.  The crusted catfish was wonderfully tender, and once again, the unidentifiable white purée was delectable! The only problem was that I really dislike goat's milk, so Sandy and I frantically brushed off all the goat's curd and transferred it onto Mel's plate.
4th course: Oyster soup- chicken stock aspic, black pepper, licorice, borage
The soup was intensely flavourful, and the small blocks of chicken stock aspic- basically gelatin- were quite interesting. Overall, I found the soup to be a little overly rich and I would've been happy with a smaller portion of it.
5th course: Redfish- hedgehog mushroom, brown butter, samphire, xeres vinegar
After the soup, there was a very long wait for the next course. I noticed that nobody else in the room seemed to be getting their food either, so I wondered if something went wrong in the kitchen. And unfortunately, the long wait meant night has fallen, thus ruining the lighting for the remaining photos of the meal.
But when the next course finally arrived, it certainly didn't disappoint! Again, the fish was cooked beautifully, and I loved the earthy mushrooms, especially the dollops of mushroom purée. This plate was also more substantial than the previous courses, and at this point I was starting to feel full.
6th course: Pork belly- steelcut oats, banana pudding, black sesame, peanuts
For me, this was the most anticipated course! Pork belly, banana and peanuts seemed such a bizarre combination, yet oddly enough, it all worked together. On its own, I found the crusted pork belly too salty, but the sweetness of the banana pudding provided a perfect counterbalance. In a nutshell, the whole thing like char siu (Chinese bbq pork) with banana sauce, and it was strangely delicious! The creativity definitely put a smile on all of our faces.
7th course: Caramelized buttermilk- white chocolate, blood orange, olives
I thought this was a nice, refreshing dessert, but it didn't stand out to me as much as the other courses. The blood orange sorbet was quite intense in flavours, which Mel really enjoyed. My favourite component was the unidentifiable freeze-dried crumbles, which I'm still not too sure what they are. On the whole, the meal was absolutely phenomenal, and I really enjoyed my first tasting-menu experience. I will definitely be back to try Acadia's regular menu!
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  1. I had so much fun! The best dishes were the fish. We gotta do more tasting menu ;)

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