February 18, 2012

Winterlicious #4 @ Mildred's Temple Kitchen

I've spent the past 2 weeks studying like a dog for midterms! Finally, it's time to catch up with some blogging! My final Winterlicious pick this year was Mildred's Temple Kitchen. I came here not too long ago for dinner and had a fabulous experience! Unfortunately, I have to say that I wasn't hungry at all coming into this dinner, as this was my third consecutive Winterlicious meal over two days. I was still a little full from my late lunch at Bymark.
Hungry or not, I was still full of thoughts about that wonderful squash risotto that I had last time. Unfortunately for me, the restaurant was only serving Winterlicious menu for the night, so I had to stick to the plan!
We started off with some cheddar thyme biscuits with sweet butter. It was a nice variation from the usual bread basket, and I was very relieved that they were served warm. Nothing annoys me more than cold biscuits. These were so good we all asked for seconds!
The majority of the table ordered the lobster and lemongrass soup with tortilla hay. I loved this soup and really regretted not getting it for myself! The flavours reminded me of a creamy version of Chinese-style borscht with a subtle hint of lobster. The tang and acidity worked so well against the creamy consistency. I also loved the random chunks of avocado, something I don't often see in soups. In my opinion, avocado makes everything better!
My appetizer was hand rolled ricotta gnudi with creamy ermite sauce and crispy sage. These were basically balls of dense, cheesy dough. As enjoyable as they were, I had these last time I was here, so in hindsight, I probably should've tried something new.
One of the entrée choices was sumac rubbed coho salmon on celery root purée with braised kale and roasted chestnuts. I had a bite of the salmon and it was delicious. Everybody who ordered the salmon wiped their plates clean, so it was definitely a winner at the table.
I ordered a braised beef short ribs with gnocchi, roasted mushroom and parsnip crisps. I was astounded to be presented a monstrous slab of meat, bone-in, that could probably feed me for three days! Seriously, the portion was huge! I also felt a strong urge to pick up the entire thing by the bone and gnaw on it like a cave woman. Unfortunately, the beef wasn't as tender as I would've liked it to be. I couldn't help but compare it to the delectable, melt-in-my-mouth braised beef cheeks from Trevor Kitchen & Bar that I had the previous day, and this one just didn't measure up. It might not be fair to compare two different cuts of meat, but I really couldn't eat more than one third of the portion. On the other hand, the parsnip crisps were delightful, and I had no trouble finish all of that.
My friends enjoyed their plates of food. Clearly, the beef short rib was a lot larger than the salmon.
Out of the three courses, I was most excited about the dessert selections! I'm obsessed with crème brûlée, so it was a no-brainer for me to order the trio of crème brûlée - chocolate, espresso, and caramel. This was very creamy and delicious, but I have to say that it wasn't as good as the quartet of crème brûlée from Sen5es. But then again, the best crème brûlée I've ever had was from Sen5es, so it's pretty hard to top that. My favourite was the caramel flavour, and my least favourite was the chocolate one. The chocolate wasn't intense enough for me, and my particular one lacked the hard caramel top. Half the fun of eating crème brûlée is cracking into that caramelized top! 
Jeremy ordered a chocolate bread pudding with warm whisky sauce. It was truly phenomenal! It certainly had that intense chocolatey flavour that my crème brûlée lacked, and it was gooey and lusciously rich. I kept stealing bites from his dessert (and gave him my chocolate crème brûlée in return). Jeremy usually doesn't like bread puddings, but he enjoyed this one very much. I definitely thought that this was the better dessert. 
I had a great meal at Mildred's to end off my Winterlicious adventure this year! On the balance, my dining experience was positive, even though I wasn't completely satisfied with my entrée. In fact, I'm already making plans to check out their famous brunch! Can't wait!
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  1. It's in my 'hood and I've only been for drinks a few times. I went to their old location a few times and loved the Chicken Biryani.



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