February 1, 2012

Salmon Premium Combo @ Tsukiji Sushi Village

My boyfriend is always in search of salmon lover combos in Japanese restaurants around town, but we haven't found many. So when we saw that Tsukiji Village featured a premium salmon combo for 2 ($35.99), we had to try it out. Last time I came for their dinner combo and I really liked it. There was a lot of food, so I expected something similar this time around.
The combo starts off with the ordinary miso soup and green salad. There was a little too much dressing my salad.
That was followed by a platter of salmon sashimi (4 pcs) and sushi (6 pcs). The salmon was pretty good, but not extraordinary.
From left to right, salmon avocado roll (6 pcs), red dragon roll (8 pcs), and spicy salmon roll (6 pcs). The rolls were only mediocre in my opinion. They certainly were not as delicious as the ones from Watami and Inatei. The most disappointing one was the salmon avocado roll, something I really expected to enjoy. It was poorly constructed and the ingredients were not well-integrated.
The end of the meal was a scoop of ice cream for each of us. All in all, I wasn't entirely impressed with this salmon premium combo. I much prefer the other dinner combo for 2 that I had before (which included soup, salad, tempura, rolls, sashimi, chicken fried udon and ice cream!) I hope that combo is still available, for I really miss that chicken fried udon!
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