February 9, 2012

Revisit to O&B Bayview Village

I haven't been to O&B Café Grill for a while, and since they updated their menu, I decided to have dinner there one day. We started with a melting artichoke, chickpea and parmesan dip ($15.50), served with assorted flatbreads, veggies, crostini and bread sticks. I liked the creative presentation with the bread sticks. At first, I thought there was very little dip and that a lot of bread would be leftover. However, that small plate of dip went quite a long way, and we managed to finish most of bread with it. I had imagine the dip to taste like hummus, but the artichoke flavour was quite strong. In the end, I think I enjoyed munching on the large variety of bread more than the artichoke dip itself.
I also got a side of beer battered onion rings ($7.95), which comes with a blue cheese dip. We requested for the spicy tomato mayo instead. Eight bucks seemed a little pricey for onion rings, but this basket was ginormous! I love thick cut onion rings, and these were excellent! Not exactly the healthiest side, but who can resist onion rings?
Jeremy ordered a chicken burger ($14.75) with lean ground chicken, crispy bacon, Monterey Jack and chipotle mayo. I'm always reluctant to order non-deep fried chicken in fear that it'll be bland and dry. Thankfully, the chicken here was very moist, and I loved that smoky flavour. I think we were both surprised how much we enjoyed this chicken burger (he totally didn't want to share this burger with me!) The burger came with a side of Caesar salad- balsamic croutons, maple bacon, tossed in a creamy garlic and Parmigiano-Reggiano dressing. The maple bacon was indisputably the best part of the salad.
To finish off a filling meal, we shared one of my all-time favourite desserts: classic vanilla crème brûlée ($8.25). I didn't really care for the accompanying shortbread cookie, but the crème brûlée itself was quite delicious and satisfying. Overall, it was a good meal. I probably wouldn't order the artichoke dip again, but I would come back for the chicken burger and the onion rings.
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  1. those beer battered rings look sooo goood.

    I love O&B :)

  2. Both the onion rings and chicken burger look soo good!

  3. I want the onion rings...

  4. I've been to the one at Yonge/Front and enjoyed it.

    Happy Valentine's Day!



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