February 23, 2012

Fondue Festival @ Bier Markt

As per my usual tradition, I went to Bier Markt's annual fondue festival. I'm so glad that Bier Markt opened a location at Shops at Don Mills! Now I don't have to go all the way downtown to get my yearly fondue fix!
I'm not a big beer drinker, but I do like fruity ones. This Somersby apple cider was absolutely delicious!
Cheese and bread make a filling combination, so we ordered two to share between three people.
One of my choices was the chorizo und fondue- smoked chorizo sausage, Quebec cheese curds, toasted Bistro bread, served with Menchego and roasted red pepper fondue. This was my favourite of the two. I loved dipping a buttery, cheesy toasted sandwich into more cheese, and the red pepper flavour in the fondue paired wonderfully with the sandwich.
In fact, I would've gladly eaten the chorizo sandwich without the fondue accompaniment.
We also ordered a Normandy fondue with Camembert cheese and cider, Kozlik's sweet and smokey Dijon. The mustard was rather pungent, and I found it a little overwhelming. I'm actually a great fan of mustard, but it was a bit too much in the fondue.
The Normandy fondue came with granny smith apple and sourdough boule. My mom commented that the bread was too dry and hard, but I didn't find it intolerable. However, I did wish that the bread was toasted. As well, I wasn't sure whether the apple was meant to be eaten with the cheese, but it was much better on its own.
The Normandy fondue was also accompanied by chunks of smoked farmer's sausage. I wasn't a fan, but my boyfriend enjoyed them very much with the fondue.
In the end, we finished the entire red pepper fondue, but there was a lot of the Normandy fondue left.
Sadly, we didn't have any room to try the dessert fondues. In particular, the cheese und cake fondue sounds absolutely amazing! I'm imagining it in my head like a molten cheesecake! Next year, I'll be sure to come with more people so we can try out more varieties!
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