January 3, 2012

Lunch @ Auberge du Pommier

For my end-of-term farewell lunch, I had the pleasure of going to Auberge du Pommier with my work team. I previously came here for a Summerlicious lunch, so this time I was extremely excited to order à la carte this time!
I sat in the same room as I did last time, near the fireplace. The ambiance was very lovely.
The restaurant filled up rather quickly after we were seated. I was surprised how busy it was for a Wednesday.
From left to right, cranberry apple juice, ginger spiced pumpkin pear juice, and tangerine juice. I actually ordered the tangerine juice, but they mistakenly brought me pumpkin pear one. I didn't even realize the mistake because the ginger spiced pumpkin pear juice was so delicious! I preferred it over the tangerine juice. Everything, including our drinks, were impeccably presented.
We were served a warm bread basket with a creamy artichoke dip. The dip was very tasty.
For my appetizer, I chose oeuf en cocotte: steamed egg white, soft yolk, creamed spinach, jus de poulet, les petits soldats croquant. This was really good! The soft yolk was lovely with the spinach and the egg white. My only complaint was that there wasn't enough bread sticks to accompany the shirred eggs, which was a little too rich on its own.
I also snapped a picture of my colleague Jason's appetizer- Le Plat du Fermier, which is actually house-made farmer inspired charcuterie. I don't think Jason was full at all.
For my main, I went with Brandade de Flétan: gratin of halibut brandade, toasted baguette, petite herb salad. I didn't particularly enjoyed the petite herb salad, as it was a little too bitter.  The halibut brandade was very creamy and rich, but not overly fishy. After my starter, this entrée was a little too heavy for me. Again, there weren't enough toasted baguettes to go with the brandade, so I had to eat some of it with the bread from the bread basket. In hindsight, I should've chosen something a little lighter. 
To finish off the meal, I ordered a Parfait Châtaigne: chestnut semifreddo with puffed wild rice, lemon meringue, marron glacé, cassis caramel. I normally love chestnuts, but this dessert was way too sweet for me. It was texturally very interesting with the puffed wild rice and meringue. However, in terms of flavours, it was sweet on sweet on sweet. I almost had difficulty finishing it, despite the small portion. 
This was Jason's Fine Feuille de Chocolat:  chocolate ganache, peanut crèmeux, grape gelée, banana ice cream. It looked so beautiful! Although it was probably very sweet as well, I wished I ordered this over my chestnut parfait. I was very full after the meal! Although all the courses had small portions, everything I ordered was very rich and filling. In spite of this, I really enjoyed my lunch. A big thanks to my work team for sharing this lovely meal with me!
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  1. I love Auberge. Everything is so nicely plated and deliciously cooked! My favourite is actually those complimentary macaroons that they serve at the end dinner. I've tried asking if I could order them but unfortunately they don't sell them :(

  2. The food looks delicious. I've been for dinner once and loved it. I can't believe you ate all that for lunch. Bet you didn't get any work done after!



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