January 28, 2012

Dinner @ Nota Bene

I've been meaning to try Nota Bene for a long while now, but never really had a chance to till recently. I made a reservation through opentable for 7:15 pm. Upon arrival, I was told that they cancelled my reservation, but I could still have the table till 9. I was quite perplexed by the cancellation, but at least we still had a table albeit with the time constraint.
The restaurant was spaciously elegant and modern. 
To start the meal, we had some bread with olive oil. I didn't particularly like this type of bread. But by habit, I naturally gobbled up a lot of it. I should really start practicing self control and stop filling up on bread before a meal.
As our starter, my boyfriend and I split the cavatelli pasta ($16) with truffle-scented mushroom bolognese. Personally, I thought the pasta was a little undercooked, but that mushroom bolognese was rich and luscious. I really enjoyed that bold punch of earthy flavours. I just wished that the pasta was cooked a little more.
My boyfriend ordered an 8 oz grass-fed beef tenderloin ($42), cooked medium. The steak was pretty enjoyable, although not as good as the one from Jacobs & Co. I'm beginning to think that Jacobs is ruining all my subsequent steak experiences, because nothing seems to measure up. Nevertheless, this steak was still delicious and completely satisfying.
I love gourmet burgers, so I couldn't pass up on ordering Jennifer's Stilton beef brisket burger ($22), served with pommes frites. Ketchup, mustard, and mayo are provided on the side. I also substituted the customary blue cheese for some cheddar.
I love it when my burger is cooked medium rare, and this one was perfect! The patty was so juicy that I made quite a mess trying to pick it up with my hands to eat it. You can see here that the juice from the meat is seeping through the bottom bun, and I just loved that! The burger was marvelously flavourful and definitely one of the best that I've had. I barely ate any fries (thanks to the bread), so not much to comment on those.
For dessert, I wanted to try Nota Bene's sticky toffee pudding, but unfortunately my boyfriend is not a huge fan of toffee. So I compromised by settling with an apple galette ($12), served with vanilla ice cream. The galette reminded me an apple pie, but no complaints from me since I love apple pies. I wished the scoop of vanilla ice cream could've been slightly bigger. All in all, I had a wonderful meal at Nota Bene, and I definitely want to come back another time to try their onion rings. I spotted them at several tables and they looked absolutely fabulous!
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  1. Ooh this meal looks good. That sucks that your reservation was pushed back...I would definitely be going back for some onion rings!

  2. How much were mains here? How do you think the value is at Nota Bene? Glad to hear you had a good meal!

    1. I've updated the post to include prices for references. Most of the mains are between $20-30.

  3. Yum. Looks really good. I ate at Nota Bene a couple years ago, and must go back now! Nice pics, by the way!

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