January 11, 2012

Dinner @ Jacobs & Co Steakhouse

For my much delayed "make-up" birthday celebration last year (my birthday was in September, this dinner happened in December), my boyfriend was kind enough to take me to a rather expensive steakhouse. And when I say expensive, I mean this is probably the priciest place I've ever eaten at. It was a rather awkward, but interesting experience. For one thing, we totally did not fit in- we were surrounded by sophisticated business people and professionals.
While everyone around us ordered wine, we settled with hot water, which came in a cute French press.
Caesar salads are prepared at the table side. On this occasion, we didn't order one, so we simply admired from afar.
To start, we were served these muffin-shaped pastries with a herb butter. The texture of the bread resembled that of croissant, and I quite enjoyed it.
We shared a lobster bisque as our appetizer. It wasn't as good as I had expect. Although it was rich and creamy, the lobster flavour wasn't as intense as I'd like it to be. The soup also could use a tad more salt.
Our server presented us with a series of accompaniment for our steak: sea salt, hickory-smoked salt and magnesium-infused salt.I didn't really use much of the salt because my steak was already perfectly seasoned.
And then there were the sauces: Japanese ponzu sauce, chimichurri and blue cheese spread. I favoured the chimichurri as it added a pleasant herbal dimension to the meat. My boyfriend's favourite was the Japanese ponzu sauce, which was slightly sweet
This was my Canadian Prime Hereford-Lindsay 6oz Tenderloin, cooked to medium rare. It was phenomenal, and undoubtedly the best steak I've ever had in my life. The meat was incredibly tender and almost just melted in my mouth! I never knew that a piece of steak could be cooked so perfectly until I had this one. Suddenly, the Keg seemed so inadequate.
My boyfriend opted for an 8oz USDA Prime Black Angus-Nebraska, Aged 50 days California cut striploin. His steak was also cooked to a perfect medium, and he was also very impressed with the cookery of the steak.
Since we both got smaller cuts of meat, I also chose a side to supplement the meal- potato gratin with shallots and cheddar. I loved it! It was so irresistibly scrumptious with all that butter and fat! I definitely can't eat this everyday, but it was a great indulgence.
I wasn't up for desserts after all that rich, fatty food. We were given two complimentary muffins to take home. I didn't end up trying any of it, but I was told that they were delicious as well. Overall, I had an unforgettable meal at Jacobs & Co., even though I felt like I totally didn't belong with the crowd. The food was absolutely fantastic, but I can't exactly say that it was worth every penny (it was, after all, very expensive). Nevertheless, I will definitely be coming back, but perhaps not for another 5 or 10 years or so.
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  1. Mmm I haven't had a steak in so long! I'll have to add this to my list!

  2. I want to try this place ... too bad it's so expensive.

  3. Yah... but I'd say it's worth it for a very special occasion!



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