January 7, 2012

Dining Date Night @ Marben

I decided to take my family to Marben to take advantage of the Dining Date Night discount. This is my fourth visit, but first time ordering from their regular dinner menu (I've previously been here for Sunday pig roast, brunch, and the sausage league).  Marben changes their menu quite frequently, so every time I come, I always get to try something new.
Our food took quite awhile to arrive, so it was lucky that we had some bread to tie us over.
Our first dish was Chara's pulled pork fritters with smoked ketchup, baby greens, balsamic vinaigrette. I loved it! There were a few large chunks of pulled pork that were overly tough, but other than that, the fritters were delicious bites! I enjoyed the contrast of the crispy exterior and the soft potato mixture inside. The bbq-infused smoked ketchup was also very tasty, and I saved it even after the plate was cleaned.
We were torn between the duck and beef option, but upon our server's recommendation, we went with Dennis' beef duo, served with brown butter hollandaise and beef jus. The slices of roast beef were a little tough, so I preferred the tender short ribs. The short ribs really reminded me of Chinese-style braised short ribs (紅燒牛肉), except without the sweetness. The standout component was definitely that brown butter hollandaise, which I found utterly bizarre. It resembled a savoury caramel sauce, so it smelled like dessert but tasted savoury. Everyone else really enjoyed it, but I found it a little strange.
I've ordered John's burger every time I ate at Marben, and this time was no exception. However, I found the burger not as moist as usual this time around, so it was slightly disappointing.
We also ordered two sides to accompany the mains. My favourite of the two was the sage & brown butter gnocchi with Brussels sprouts. I loved the different textural components with the pillowy gnocchi, crispy shallots and crunchy Brussels sprouts. In particular, the gnocchi was very light and tasty.
Our server highly recommended the Pommes Kennedy, which resembled layers of crispy potato chips. After all the meat courses, this side was a little too greasy for my liking, but my mom really enjoyed them.
For desserts, we shared a Uncle's Earl Grey Crème Brûlée with prune jam, walnut shortbread, and raw sugar. I was never a fan of Earl Grey, but since I love crème brûlée, I decided to give this a try. It was perfection in a ramekin! The Earl Grey flavour was subtle and added a nice fragrant dimension. 
Beneath the brûlée top was all creamy goodness! There was also some prune jam hidden inside, which was a nice surprise. Nothing makes me happier than delicious crème brûlée!
Additional savings from Dining Date Night was the cherry on top of an excellent meal! I'll definitely be back!
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  1. Pretty interesting type dishes, I'll probably give the place a try in one of my friend's outings coming up.

    Also, for Dining Date Night offers, if I remember right, you pay $10 ahead of time to get 30% off your bill at the restaurant later, is that correct? So basically the bigger the group, the more you order, supposingly the more you save?

  2. just used your link to sign up for dining date night... looks like a great deal!



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