November 8, 2011

Crêpes à Gogo

Crêpes à Gogo reminded me of just how much I loved crêpes, especially savoury ones! I stopped by here for a quick dinner one night before seeing a friend's concert. These delectable creations are folded and served in a paper bag, so no utensils are required.
I was torn between all the choices I had! A lot of them contain smoked salmon, which I normally love. But I wasn't sure how much I'd like it served inside a warm crepe. In the end, I opted for the Parisienne with scrambled egg, swiss, mushrooms, threads of red onion and filaments of dill. The combination was perfect- absolutely delicious! The dill was wonderfully fragrant and paired fantastically with the red onions and earthy mushrooms. I would've liked a little more scrambled eggs, but other than that, everything worked really well together. Best of all was the crêpe itself, which was inexplicably tasty! I would be very happy to just eat the crêpe plain on its own.
I proudly finished my entire crêpe (albeit with a little help from my friend who took a few bites). It was a little too filling for me, but extremely satisfying nevertheless.  Crêpes à Gogo recently opened a second location on Bloor and Spadina, so I might want to check that out soon. Can't wait to try their sweet crêpes!
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  1. Oooobviously I'm not doing homework and just looking at your blog. It was tasty! I got a feeling their sweet crepes won't taste good since it's on the go and I think sweet crepes taste better when you're sitting down and enjoying them. Anyway, now I know where to go for crepes when I'm dt and starving =P

  2. I love Crepes a Gogo! And I've tried the smoked salmon one, it's not weird, it's delicious I promise. Glad you liked it!! :)



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