October 7, 2011

Post-birthday dim sum @ Crown Prince

The day after my birthday, I was craving for good dim sum, so I dragged my mom to Crown Prince for the early bird special before 11 am. Let me just say, people certainly go crazy for early bird dim sum! We arrived at 10:30 and had to wait 10 tables! Luckily, we were seated at 10:50 am, with 10 minutes to spare! We deliberately over-ordered for the two of us so I could bring the leftovers for my boyfriend for lunch.
I ordered a mixture of old favourites and new items to try. Baked eel puff pastry- mashed taro filling and eel encased by crispy goodness! The piece of eel in each puff pastry is actually pretty small, but the taro filling is awesome enough to make up for that.
Pan fried pork and veggie dumpling was well-stuffed but not very juicy. Not my favourite type of dumpling, but the flavour combination is delicious nevertheless. My mom and I shared one and I packed the rest for my boyfriend.
Steamed shrimp dumplings (har gow). My mom and I didn't feel for har gow that day so I just took this all to my boyfriend who loves them. He reported that they were very good.
I really really wanted egg tarts that day, so I splurged and ordered an SP item (which was $7!)- milk egg tart with bird's nest. Of course, the bird's nest addition was what jacked up the prices of what would have otherwise qualified as a small dim sum item. And it was totally not worth it. The crust was not crispy at all, and I couldn't taste the difference between the yellow and white egg tarts. I should've just gone to a Chinese bakery on my way home and picked up some egg tarts.  
Springing back from the egg tart disappointment, the next item - sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf was one of my favourites of the meal!
I love, love, love the combination of fatty pork and cured egg yolk inside the morsel of fragrant glutinous rice! I'm always excited to unwrap the lotus leaf because it feels like opening a special gift.
Steamed shrimp and veggie noodle roll was tasty as well. The translucent rice noodle roll was velvety smooth, and the shrimps were plump and juicy. One small complaint is that a couple pieces of shrimp were nearly falling out of the rice noodle roll, making it difficult to pick up.
And finally, my favourite dessert- sweet egg yolk paste layer cake, fresh off the steamers! I can't get enough of it! I just love the savoury touch from the cured egg yolk, which teases out the sweetness of the paste. 
I could honestly eat the whole basket, but I was prudent enough to only eat one piece. All in all, it was an amazing feast! Other than the expensive egg tarts, I'd order everything else again. Dim sum here never disappoints!
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