October 11, 2011

Lunch @ Inatei

I recently returned to Inatei again for lunch, this time with my mom. We wanted to order one of their lunch bento boxes, but none of the combinations appealed to us. Luckily,the restaurant allowed substitutions with an additional charge, so my mom and I spent a good 15 minutes figuring out how to configurate our bento box to minimize our cost. The lunch set came with the usual miso soup and green salad. In particular, the green salad was really tiny.  
I got their spicy salmon roll again, since I liked it a lot last time. There were ample salmon in each roll, which I was pleased about.
Our modified bento included tonkatsu, sushi, assorted tempura and half an orange. The bento box was actually quite small compared to other Japanese restaurant offerings, but my mom and I didn't mind since we have small appetites. Originally, this bento box came with salmon teriyaki rather than tonkatsu, but we made the substitution for $1. Everything about this bento was so dainty and neat- even the tampura yam was cut into a neat square. For the price, I would expect the portion to be slightly bigger, but it was enough to fill us up. Unfortunately, they neglected to give us tonkatsu sauce, and we didn't ask for it until halfway through the meal.
Our lunch set also came with a scoop of ice cream, even though the bento box itself already included half an orange. I opted for taro flavour, as this was my childhood favourite ice cream flavour and I've never had a decent version in Canada. To my delight, it was really, really good, and tasted just like the one I had in Asia when I was little! I think I just found a new incentive to come back to Inatei for, despite the steeper prices and small portions!
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