October 23, 2011

Dinner @ O.M.G. Restaurant Lounge

My mom was intrigued by O.M.G. Restaurant Lounge because she keeps hearing about it in the Chinese ads.  I was quite apprehensive to try a restaurant named O.M.G., but thought I should give it a chance. We were particularly interested in their German pork hocks, but unfortunately, it was sold out. I overheard many diners trying to order it, and we were all disappointed.
 I didn't like how the bread was toasted after it was cut, resulting in a hardened surface on every slice.
In addition to the usual butter, the bread was also served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. However, it was really difficult to dip the bread into the ramekin. They should've poured it onto a plate.
 If you upgrade your order into meal for $3 (entrée + soup + drink), you can enjoy a buy 1 get 1 offer for their oysters, up to a dozen in total (i.e. you can buy up to 12 for $6). The oysters were surprisingly good- very fresh and sweet. The BOGO offer was definitely a good deal, and I'd come back just for that.
For our soup, we chose clam chowder over the borscht. It was better than the average Chinese-style clam chowder: creamy and loaded with goodness. At this point of the meal, I was pretty happy with everything. But that was about to change.
After the soup, we had to wait 40 minutes for our entrées. 40 minutes!! I thought I was going to faint. All around me, I could hear other customers complaining about the slow service. The table next to us got their food around the time when we placed our order, and by the time our entrées arrived, they had finished and left! My boyfriend ordered grilled chicken steak with black pepper sauce, which was actually pretty decent. The chicken was moist and tender, albeit slightly undercooked (we had to ask them to recook a piece more thoroughly, just to be safe). I would've been happy with the dish, had it come in a more timely manner. 
My mom and I shared Malaysian tenderous rib, which arrived bubbling hot. I thought that the curry had good flavours, but was a little watered down. We could tell that the tenderous ribs were not cooked in the curry, but were placed inside the pot before serving. The meat was tender, but the flavour was bland on its own. I had to slather a lot of curry onto each bite. Overall, I liked the chicken a lot more. In summary, I had a major issue with the speed of the service. The food was actually better than what I expected, but the wait was just unbearable. I would want to come back to try their pork hocks and order the oysters again, but only if their operating efficiency improves.
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  1. That curry dish isn't very Western! If you think about it, fine dining takes a long time in between each dish but then again, it's not 40 minutes long.

  2. That clam chowder sure looks creamy. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I haven't been there. May I ask if the food they serve are good? Looking at the pictures, I think they are.
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    1. The food from this winter was pretty good. However, I went back for lunch on another occasion and the food wasn't very impressive. All in all, I think there are better choices around the area.

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