October 29, 2011

Dim sum @ Casa Victoria

At this point, I think I've established that I'm crazy over dim sum. Casa Victoria is another pricier dim sum restaurant, but well worth it (in my opinion). Luckily, I was here with my mom, which compelled me to be more cost-conscious while ordering (which means I try to stick to S or M items). I also had the sense to make a reservation, so we didn't have to wait long for a seat.
I reluctantly ordered the super jumbo har gow dumpling to take home for my boyfriend. I say reluctant because har gow here is an XL item, and costs a whopping $6.90. It was the most expensive item of my meal. The dumplings themselves were certainly not jumbo in size, but I guess the shrimp inside was. I ate a piece, and it was tasty, but not worth $6.90 in my opinion.
In contrast, my order of rice noodle rolls in XO sauce was way larger in portion, and it was actually cheaper than the har gow ($6.50). The XO sauce was delectable!
Deep fried taro dumpling- a thin layer of mashed taro encasing rich, meaty filling- was another small item, to my delight. It was another excellent execution. 

I really like 鹹水角in general, but almost never get it when I go for fixed price dim sum because it's always a small item. Finally, I don't feel the need to maximize the value of my order. Casa Victoria's version of deep fried meat and chives bud dumpling was an absolute delight! I loved the combination of the sweet, chewy dough and savoury pork filling. The deep fried dumpling skin, made from sticky rice, was particularly tasty.

For some reason, I had a strange craving for BBQ Pork buns that day. I never really care for BBQ pork bun when I have dim sum, but this was delicious! The bun was light and fluffy, and the filling was hearty and sweet. I think these buns converted me into liking char siu bao.

For my sweet tooth, I ordered these mini milk pie with papaya, and they were just so darn delicious! These mini delights were topped with a crumbly eggy sugar dough, similar to the top layer of Chinese pineapple buns (菠蘿包). The milk filling was a creamy complement to the pastry. A perfect bite to end the meal.
Casa Victoria Fine Dining and Banquet on Urbanspoon


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