October 15, 2011

Dim Sum @ Casa Imperial

Dim sum at Casa Imperial is always a delight, save for the price. The wait is always long, so either come super early, super late, or make a reservation. Last time I came, the honey sesame pan fried short rib was a tad chewy. This time, it was perfect! I couldn't stop eating it! 
This was something I had never tried before here- crispy shrimp won ton in sweet and sour sauce. It was good, but not spectacular. Kind of reminds me of the shrimp rolls that I always get at Ambassador, since the dipping sauce is almost identical. But the shrimp rolls were more whimsical and fun.
Obligatory order of Har Gow, which were quite delicious, and pan fried chives and conpoy dumpling. I really enjoyed these dumplings, as they were very juicy and full of aromatic chives!
Deep fried dough with rice noodle roll is always a favourite of mine. This time, the deep fried dough was super crunchy, even more than usual. Perhaps they were over-fried? Regardless, I loved the addition of conpoy. The dipping sauces, however, were rather bland.  
Can't have dim sum without some sweets! I was deeply disappointed to find out that Casa Imperial no longer has the crispy mango roll on their menu. So instead, I chose milk and papaya puff as my dessert instead. The pastry was delicate and flaky, and the rich cream filling was quite wonderful. As much as I love this, I still really miss the mango crispy roll. I hope that they will put it back on the menu!
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