October 16, 2011

Desserts @ Moxie's Fairview

On Thanksgiving weekend, I went to grab drinks and dessert with my friends at Moxie after watching 50/50. This was only my second time to Moxie's at Fairview Mall, and I noticed that the lighting here is a lot brighter than the other locations. I got my fruity peach bellini, but didn't moxie-size it this time.
One of my friends has never tried the white chocolate brownie (which I adore), so she ordered it. Lucky for me, I got to mooch off quite a few bites. My friend commented that brownie was not warm enough, but it was still delicious to me!
My boyfriend wanted the chocolate espresso mousse, but they no longer offer it in the large portion. Instead, I encouraged him to try the warm callebaut chocolate cake, which was new on the menu. It was baked with cacao liqueur, served with callebaut granola almond bark and french vanilla ice cream. The cake resembled a molten chocolate lava cake, which I love. However, I wasn't a fan of the granola almond bark because it was too sweet. But overall, this is a good dessert for chocolate lovers, although my boyfriend still prefers the chocolate espresso mousse. At least they still offer it in the miniature version. 
We finished everything like pigs!
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