September 27, 2011

Prairie Girl Bakery

My friend Mel and I had a lot of difficulty locating Prairie Girl Bakery because it's not exactly on King Street. The store entrance actually faces Victoria street.
The store itself is super cute. I want this wall art in my kitchen!
After much deliberation, we settled to share...
...Grandma's dark cocoa cake topped with peanut butter icing. Honestly, I wasn't very impressed. Although the cake was moist, I didn't think it tasted that much different from the store-bought ones from Walmart. Perhaps I'm being a little harsh, or perhaps I don't know how to appreciate high-quality cupcakes, but this one really wasn't special to me at all in any way. The peanut butter icing was pretty tasty, but way too sweet for me. My favourite cupcake is still the one I had from Crumbs in the States. I haven't had another cupcake in Toronto that measures up.
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  1. I agree! I was so excited when this place opened up since I work around there. But I was left a little disappointed. The ones I tried were just too sweet for my liking. Funny you should mention Crumbs... I feel the exact same way (love the squiggle one!). After coming back from having crumbs, I've been looking for a good cupcake here. So far, unsuccessful :(



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