September 22, 2011

Feast of rolls @ Inatei

I always struggle to find a good sushi restaurant in Toronto, and I'm always skeptical of Chinese-ran Japanese restaurant. After reading several positive reviews, I decided to give Inatei a try, and I quite enjoyed my dinner experience at Inatei.
The dining environment is more upscale than the typical Japanese joint. But of course, if the food turn out to suck, the upscale décor will translate to pretentiousness. Luckily, the meal did not suck.
We really felt for rolls that night, so we ordered a bunch to share. First up, spicy salmon roll! This was delicious! It's usually hard to hate spicy salmon rolls, but this one was definitely better than the average. The salmon was fresh and sweet, and the rice-to-filling ratio was good, not too much rice.
Next, I ordered spider roll. There was a little too much rice for my liking, but other than that, it was tasty. Despite all that filling, the roll was still well-composed and didn't fall apart easily. Again, it's not too hard mess up this roll. In fact, the only time I didn't enjoy a spider roll was at Oshio, but that was because the soft shell crab tasted funky.
And finally, we opted for a glamorous dragon roll topped with salmon (we picked from salmon, tuna, and avocado). Loved the gorgeous presentation! Actually, I didn't notice that it was presented like a dragon until my boyfriend pointed it out. But it's little things like that that puts a smile on my face and elevates the dining experience to another level.
Here is a better view of the roll itself. Again, very well-composed, and everything was fresh and tasty. This was probably my favourite of the three rolls (bonus points for the presentation) and I would definitely order this again.
For dessert, we opted for tofu cheesecake, since I can't ever get enough of cheesecakes! It wasn't one of those super cheesy ones that I adore, but it was definitely unique in a good way. Flavour-wise, it tasted like sweetened soy milk. I particularly liked the crunch from the almond slices, which contrasted well with the creamy and smooth texture of the cake. On top of that, the cake wasn't overly sweet. It almost felt like a delicate dessert, despite being an undoubtedly calorific piece of cake. All in all, I had a great meal of rolls and cheesecake at Inatei, and I'll definitely return for more!
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  1. Yay, glad you liked Inatei as well :) That dragon roll is so adorable! I didn't get to try their tofu cheesecake last time, but seemed like you enjoyed it! So you prefer the denser, NY-style cheesecakes? I like the more soft and delicate kind ^^

  2. Haha, I love both kinds of cheesecake! But for flavoured cheesecakes, I prefer the softer and more delicate kind.



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