September 19, 2011

Dinner @ South Asia Malaysian Cuisine

One random week night, I was craving Malaysian curry. So we went to the nearest Malaysian restaurant, aptly named South Asia Malaysian Cuisine. The lack of creative naming aside, the curry here is quite tasty. My boyfriend opted for Malaysian curry beef with rice.
I like my curry with roti, so I ordered roti canai with curry. The roti had a crispy, almost crumbly crust and wasn't as soft and chewy as other rotis that I've had in the past. Although I enjoyed that crispy texture quite a lot, but I wished the inside was softer. The curry was quite delicious, but not spicy at all. I also wish they gave me more curry, because I used up all of mine and had to borrow some from my boyfriend's curry dish to finish my roti.
My recent obsession with Vietnamese spring rolls compelled me to order this. At first, I was disappointed that it resembled Chinese spring rolls that you get at dim sum, which I'm not a fan of . Thankfully, the filling tasted Vietnamese, concealed by the Chinese-style spring roll shell. I was decently satisfied with this version, though I don't think I'd be ordering this again the next time I come.  
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