September 8, 2011

Desserts @ Café Mirage Grill & Lounge

Around where I live, late night dessert options are pretty limited. So I find myself back at Cafe Mirage more often than I'd like. This time around, my friend ordered a gourmet hot chocolate paired with a hazelnut shot. Although she said it was very rich and delicious, she later found a dead bug in it, so that wasn't entirely appetizing. Upon informing our server, she got a Hazelnut steamer for free but it wasn't as good as the hot chocolate.
Another friend ordered a triple chocolate brownie, fresh-baked with white, dark, and milk chocolate, and drizzled with dreamy caramel. I had two bites of the brownie and it was very rich indeed. So rich that two bites were more than enough to satisfy me. It was also a little too sweet, and I usually prefer desserts with such intense chocolate flavours to be less sweet.
Another dessert that sounded healthy was the harvest munch, described as a fiber-rich treat featuring dried cranberries, apples, raisins, and spices with a crumbled oat crust. But I know very well that it was still a calorie-rich dessert, although probably healthier than the chocolate brownie. The fruity filling, despite being quite tart, was still too sweet for me. At least the serving was fairly generous for $4.50.
My boyfriend and I shared a blueberry apple orchards crêpe: an old-fashioned apple crumble loaded with vanilla ice cream, fresh blueberries, caramel sauce, whipped cream. I generally like crêpes and I'm a huge fan of apple crumble and caramel, so the combination worked for me. The crêpe was huge and I couldn't imagine finishing one on my own.  One complaint was that the blueberries were very sour, so I only sampled one. Otherwise, it was a pretty satisfying (and fattening) dessert.
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  1. I have heard about this cafe and their scrumptious dessert menu. Once my dentist in NYC gives a go signal, I will definitely visit this restaurant. I just had my tooth extracted and my gums still hurt.

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