September 16, 2011

Dessert @ Arepa

After our terribly disappointing lunch at Porchetta & Co, my friend and I strolled along Queen West, finally arriving at Arepa. I've been here once previously for dinner, but this time I've got my eyes set on the in-house made desserts. Truth be told, I really didn't need more dessert after having the Portuguese custard tart, but I really wanted something spectacular to make up for the disappointing sandwich.
There were a bunch of items that looked quite enticing, including alfajore cookies (which I adore!) and a caramel flan.
My final pick was a slice of Dulce de Leche cheesecake! I shared it with my friend and we were both very happy with the cheesecake. The texture was more crumbly, rather than creamy and smooth, but I prefer my cheesecake like this. The dulce de leche was rich and delectable, a perfect match with the cheesecake. I've previously had a dulce de leche cheesecake that was overly rich and dense at Quaff Cafe, but luckily, this one had the right balance. I couldn't get enough of the dulce de leche! After a very disappointing lunch, this was the perfect mid-afternoon dessert to brighten up the day!
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