September 22, 2011

Brunch @ Marben

My friend Mel and I wanted to go to Beast for brunch, but unfortunately, it was not opened on a Saturday. So we settled for Marben instead. I've previously had a great experience with their Sunday pig roast, and had heard good things about their brunch. So we were pretty excited to try it out.
Marben's multigrain bread served with butter and apple rhubarb jam was sooooo good! We happily gobbled this up while we waited for our meal. The two of us are very partial to multigrain bread in general, but this one was so soft and spongy even when served cold! It paired wonderfully with the butter and delicious apple rhubarb jam. If only it had been served warm!
Mel and I have similar taste so we often end up sharing everything we order. At my recommendation, we shared the famous John's burger with Branston pickle, braised ribs, aged cheddar, coleslaw and fries. Of course, I've had this previously and knew that I was going to love it. 
Last time I only got to eat a quarter of the burger, since it was my boyfriend's order. This time, I had half of the burger to myself! Although the size is small, the burger is quite substantial and filling. And it was as good as I remembered it to be- the patty was incredibly juicy and flavourful! I loved every bite! I think Mel enjoyed the burger too, but wasn't as enthusiastic about it as I was. She did, however, singlehandedly demolished the majority of the fries. I can't blame her, really. They were addictive like crack!
Mel was very hyped up for Evan's bread pudding French toast. I've previously tried Evan's warm apple pudding and pronounced it the best bread pudding that I've ever had, so I had high expectations for this French toast. We both enjoyed it, and Mel thought it was better than the cheesecake stuffed French toast from Lola's Commissary. I personally love French toast and never eat it enough, and this one was incredibly moist. Of course, sharing is ideal for this rich and dense brunch dish. We cheaped out and didn't get sausage for an additional $3, but somewhat regretted our decision later (at least I did). All in all, we had a satisfying brunch, but I wouldn't rush to return anytime soon with so many other brunch places to try in town.
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