September 2, 2011

AYCE @ Kaze

I usually shy away from all you can eat sushi because of my small appetite. However, once in awhile, I would make an exception for Kaze because I love their wide selection of food and I really enjoy their sashimi. To start off, the seaweed salad was a little dry, but was decently tasty.
Shrimp and yam tempura was nicely executed, but nothing extraordinary.
Salmon sashimi and imitation crab meat. We went crazy for the salmon sashimi and ordered 50 in total. This was only the first 30.
Salmon rose sushi had too much rice for me. But once again I enjoyed the salmon.
Crispy dragon roll and spider roll. I love rolls and I would eat them everyday if I could. Kaze has a wide selection of specialty rolls and I would like to try them all!
The spicy salmon roll had too much rice and too little filling. However, the spicy salmon was really delicious!
Breaded scallop was slightly over-fried, but still tasty accompanied with mayo.
Likewise, the batter on the popcorn chicken was a little too thick, but at least the meat was juicy and flavourful inside.
Seafood fried ramen had tasty flavours, but there was a little too much sauce, which made the noodles soggy after sitting for awhile.
What I love the most about Kaze is their ice cream selection. On this occasion, we had green tea, mango, ginger, coconut, but they also offer red bean and chocolate flavour. The coconut and ginger flavours are standouts, because they contain bits of coconut and ginger in the ice cream. Even the chocolate flavour here is better than your average grocery-store bought chocolate ice cream.
Between the 3 people, we only finished 9 ice creams, which is actually on the low side. We usually go nuts for the ice cream here. All in all, the quality of food here is quite good given that it's AYCE. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.
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