August 1, 2011

Dinner @ Tsukiji Sushi Village

Main Street in Markham is a picturesque area with a small town feel. On this occasion, we came to eat some sushi at a Chinese-owned Japanese restaurant.
We ordered the dinner for 2, which included a lot of food for $49.99. We started with a simple Japanese salad and miso soup.
I was happy that the combo also included tempura shrimp and vegetables, featuring the typical yam and zucchini. Although I would've liked a larger variety of vegetables (like squash and eggplant), these were still pretty satisfying.
Rolls are my favorite part of a Japanese meal! It's pretty hard to mess up dynamite rolls and California rolls, and these were predictably delicious. However, I generally prefer my rolls with less rice so that I wouldn't get full as easily. 
Assorted sashimi was also tasty and pretty typical. Although raw fish is generally the most expensive part of any typical Japanese meal, I always prefer rolls over sashimi.
Chicken fried udon was really addictive and super flavourful. Even though I was pretty full by the time it arrived, I managed to demolish a good portion of it.
The last course was a scoop of green tea ice cream, which was a sweet but not overwhelming end to the meal. This dinner for 2 included a whole lot food and we miraculously finished everything! It had everything that I generally want in a Japanese meal: salad, rolls, sashimi, tempura, and green tea ice cream! Although nothing was really spectacular or novel in any way, the food was well-executed and I enjoyed every course.
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