August 21, 2011

Dinner @ Sen5es

My sister left me a Groupon for Sen5es Restaurant so I decided to go for a nice dinner with my mom before the Groupon's expiry. The restaurant was definitely smaller than I expected, but luckily, we managed to snag a spot despite the place being booked full for the night.
The bread was really nice, but sadly it was served with goat milk butter. Since both my mom and I hate goat milk, we left the butter untouched. 
After some bread, we shared a French onion soup with sweet onion tart. I found the deconstructed presentation interesting. Instead of placing the pastry on top of the soup, it was served on the side as a sweet onion tart. But I prefer having the pastry soak up all the savoury goodness, so I immersed the entire tart into the soup. The soup was delicious and not overly cheesy, as French onion soups often can be.
My mom and I also split the entrée- prime beef tenderloin and foie gras with truffled mash, green asparagus, and truffle veal jus. Altogether, this was a very rich dish. The beef tenderloin was juicy and cooked to a perfect medium rare. I particularly enjoyed the aromatic truffled mash, which was ridiculously creamy and rich. The only disappointment was the asparagus, as they were amazingly salty to the point of being inedible. It really was a shame, for both my mom and I love asparagus. I'm really glad that we split the entrée, for the beef, foie gras and mashed potatoes were all exceedingly rich (albeit delicious) and finishing the entire plate would have put me in a coma.
For me, dessert was truly the highlight of the meal. We opted for a quartet of crème brûlée. From left to right: vanilla, chocolate, ginger and mocha and they were all divine! The texture was velvety smooth and creamy with a perfectly caramelized top. I expected to love the mocha, but it turned out to be my least favourite. I thought that the coffee flavour was a tad overpowering, whereas the chocolate and ginger were subtle complements to the natural flavour of the crème brûlée. My mom and I really enjoyed this dessert.
All in all, it was a lovely meal, although I'm not sure that I'll be returning without a Groupon due to the steep prices. The quartet of crème brûlée definitely made a strong impression on me, and I'll most likely come back for the desserts.
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