July 18, 2011

Vancouver Day 3 @ Twisted Forks

Twisted Fork Bistro
This restaurant did not allow reservations, so we went at 5:30pm when it just open for dinner service.
We got a seat immediately, but there were already a lot of people inside. 

Their contemporary decor was very creative.

Summer breeze cocktail ,very refreshing

Homemade Sour dough bread
I can never have enough of those. The bread was nice and soft. Along side with whipped butter. I swear I can just eat that for dinner.

Fresh Mussels
One pound, with cream, herbs and fresh tomatoes, served with frites
The mussel was very fresh and delicious (no sand) and almost every clam shell had a piece of clam in there. The fries was a mix of potato fries and sweet potato fries, and it went really well with that rich creamy sauce. After we were done with the clam, we soaked our bread in the cream sauce to make sure we don't waste a drip of it.

Cured BC Duck Breast with ratatouille, potato puree, green beans,
 squash and rhubarb jam, finished with duck jus
Coming from a Chinese family, we were engineered to think that the best way to cook duck is to BBQ it.
This dish has changed my mind. The tangy tomato taste of the sauce complimented the duck breast surprisingly well. I highly recommend this dish.

Braised Pork Belly, with potato puree
I have to say this dish was good, but not good enough. The pork belly had a great chuck of fat that was 
a little disproportional to the amount of lean meat it has. Also skin wasn't quite crispy enough. What saved the dish was its sweet sauce that used spices like star anise, fennel seed and black pepper. 

I had a great experience eating here. I would come back again to try their brunch menu, which is superb from what I heard.



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