July 18, 2011

Vancouver Day 2 @ Aki Sushi

Walking into the restaurant, I felt like I was really in Japan. All of the waitresses and chefs there spoke Japanese, and there were also a lot of Japanese customers. They set up the grill outside for their customers to watch them cook.

Chef grilling our Black Cod

Assorted Sushi Lunch Combo.

Lunch Box A: Sashimi, Short Rib, Chicken Karrage, Sunomono and rice with miso soup
The chicken karrage was a little bit bland. It needs a little bit more salt, but the texture was nice and crunchy. Sashimi was fresh, especially the tuna. Usually in other Japanese restaurants I feel that tuna give a weird fishy aftertaste, but this tuna didn't. The short rib was nice and juicy.

Tempera Udon
The tempera was soaked inside the soup, so it turned a little soggy. However the noodle was nice and chewy ,just the way I like it.

Black Cod 
Their Black Cod was just cooked, which kept the fish juicy and flavorful. 
The skin was not as crispy as I would like it, but I guess this is the trade off.

House Special roll
Tuna, salmon, avocado, crab meat. snapper, salmon skin and flying fish roe.
This is the ultimate sushi, with everything you can imagine. The roll was as size of the palm of my hand! The sushi was nicely wrapped, since it didn't fell apart as I was taking it apart to eat. Taste wise, I have to say the sushi was very normal, but it was extremely filling.

Overall, I would definitely come back to this restaurant again. The quality of their food was above average, and I find it very entertaining watching the chef grill the fish and meat.

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