July 19, 2011

Keung's Delight (Midland location)

Keung's Delight's Midland location is not as nice as the one at Steeles and Warden, even though the décor is quite similar. 
On a hot, sunny day, a red bean and black jello drink was delightfully refreshing.
I didn't enjoy this particular dough fritters rice noodle roll, which is something I usually love. The rice noodle was too sticky and the dough fritters were not crispy enough. All the pieces just ended up stuck together.
Thankfully, fried turnip patties with XO sauce redeemed the meal. Although I would've preferred a drier texture to the overall dish, the flavours were really delicious with the XO sauce. However, I still prefer Congee Wong's execution of fried turnip patties.
Belacan (馬拉盞) fried chicken wings were very crispy, but I couldn't really taste the Belacan in the seasoning. Nevertheless, I enjoyed these wings, despite their greasiness. 
Deep fried crispy milk blocks were very yummy but rather heavy. After eating three pieces, I felt really stuffed. Not a very light end to the meal. Next time, I'll need to save more stomach space to conquer these delectable milk blocks!
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