June 11, 2011

Top Chef Meal @ Milestones

Continuing with my Top Chef quest, I was quite excited to try out Milestones' new seasonal menu because it had several "Top Chef Canada Winning Dish" inspired items. The key word here is "inspired", because I can't imagine the contestants winning the challenge if they really served what we ate. Anyhow, the other reason why I came for dinner was because I was craving deep fried calamari, and I love Milestones' calamari steak strips: stick slices of calamari steak served with a spicy andouille sausage tomato ragĂș and preserved lemon aioli.
And here is the Top Chef winning appetizer- pork croquettes: tender pork, AAA prime rib and smoked bacon hand rolled and lightly fried in a panko breading, served over house-made onion rings and paired with a spicy chili pepper aioli. I felt completely underwhelmed by this. Really? You're going to charge me $12 for four pieces of fried meatballs? The presentation also wasn't great because the onion rings were so different in sizes. To be fair, the croquettes themselves were decently tasty, but that spicy chili pepper aioli was completely bland and indistinguishable from the aioli served with the calamari. I was very disappointed by this dish.
Luckily, we didn't order the winning main course that day, opting for the seafood fettucini instead- wild Pacific Coho salmon, mussels and tiger shrimp with fresh spinach and roasted Italian tomatoes in a spicy chardonnay cream. I say lucky because I came back a few days later and one of my friends ordered the roasted sablefish with seaweed gnocchi and I tried some of it. The gnocchi had a strange texture and the broth was just weird! My friend also ordered the pork croquettes despite my adamant warning and she was also really underwhelmed.
For dessert, Milestones' break-up tub caught my eye - an individual sized tub of premium vanilla cookie dough ice cream, house-made caramel and crumbled chunks of baked double chocolate cookie. It was a very cute dessert and I liked it quite a lot. Ironically, I shared it with my boyfriend. After this meal, I decided that I'll try to stick to Milestones' regular menu, for I never had anything that satisfied me from their seasonal menus.
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