June 5, 2011

Spicy Dinner @ Salad King

I love a good spicy meal so I'm very happy to turn up the heat with my choices at salad king. My companion chose 3 chilis- which translates to Thai medium hot- for his Golden curry with beef: Broccoli, onions, bell peppers, carrots, mushrooms, bay leaf in Thai yellow curry with coconut milk, tamarind, palm sugar, Thai herbs, and served with steam rice. The curry itself was very tasty and probably my favourite one among the three available (Green, Golden and Panang).
Somehow, my Islamic Thai noodle with 5 chilis ended up less spicy than the curry dish. We were quite perplexed and thought they might have mixed up our spiciness levels. I actually thought this wasn't spicy enough for me, despite the index saying "watch out" for this level. Luckily, they graciously brought us a bowl of mild golden curry sauce to dilute out the spiciness (although I enjoyed it more at its original level of heat). 
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  1. That looks really good! You're making me hungry and it's 12 AM at night!

  2. The Islamic Thai noodle made my mouth water, it looks so delicious. Thanks.

  3. There is nothing on the menu called Islamic thai noodle...

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