June 25, 2011

Post-convocation dinner @ Wildcraft

I was forced to attend my sister's convocation recently (yes, I am a terrible sister). I wasn't thrilled about going because I had three midterms and one assignment to deal with, but on the bright side, it gave me an excuse to enjoy a nice post-convocation dinner at Wildcraft. As usual, the bread was very creatively presented and delicious.
To start, I picked popcorn escagot: cajun battered escargot with southwestern aïoli and balsamic reduction. My sister and I enjoyed it quite a lot, as we both love escargot. It was a deep fried morsel of goodness! The balsamic reduction wasn't particularly memorable (in fact, I couldn't even detect what it was while I was eating it). Altogether, however, it was a very tasty snack. My mom wasn't a fan of it, and since my sister was on a diet, I single-handedly demolished more than half of the plate.
I love Wildcraft's flatbread, and this time we chose the wild mushroom flatbread with portobello, shiitake, oyster, field mushrooms, garnished with truffle oil, fontina cheese and frisée. The flatbread was another winner. The wonderful crust was adorned with earthy, flavourful mushrooms, and the frisée added a great herbiness
Most disappointing of all was probably the Southern burger with southwestern aïoli, onion straws, tomato relish and jalapeño havarti. Although the patty was very nicely charred, the meat was overly dry. I also couldn't really taste the aïoli and jalapeño havarti, which is one of my favourite kinds of cheese. A quarter of this burger was definitely enough for me.
We didn't have dessert, because I already stuffed myself with cheesecake before dinner. The catering service provided many varieties of cakes, and of course I couldn't resist helping myself to a little of everything. My favourites were the blueberry cheesecake and mango mousse cake! Congratulations to my sister and all her fellow engineers!
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