June 18, 2011


Oshio is a neighbourhood Japanese restaurants at Steeles and Don Mills. I'm always looking for good Japanese restaurants near where I live, and after reading positive reviews, I decided to give it a try.
We had some complimentary congee, which was very flavourful but overly salty for me.
The tofu was also complimentary, but it wasn't particularly memorable.
My favourite part of the meal was the assorted tempura, as it was very freshly fried. The interior was piping hot and the batter was light and not overly greasy. The tempura was very enjoyable in terms of both taste and texture.
In this picture, we have spider roll and California roll. I didn't try any of the California roll, but my boyfriend reported that it was pretty typical. The spider roll, however, was a disappointment. Although it looked great, the soft shell crab itself had a revolting taste that ruined the whole roll. In addition, the soft shell crab warmed up the rice, which made the roll rather unpleasant to eat.
I much prefer this platter, which consisted of spicy salmon roll, spicy dynamite rolls, spicy tuna roll. I particularly enjoyed the spicy tuna roll, and the oversized spicy dynamite rolls were also pretty tasty. All in all, however, I wasn't very impressed with Oshio, and the spider roll sort of ruined the meal for me. I don't think I'll be returning to this place, since there are so many Japanese restaurants to try around the area.
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  1. This is disappointing to hear, I wanted to try it out because there was one of those groupon promotions going on for Oshio! I guess I lucked out by reading this before I purchased!

  2. Think about it. Which quality establishment has a GroupOn promotion?

  3. It seems to me GroupOn trend is dying because they work exclusively from bottom of the barrel

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