June 28, 2011

Mi•Ne Sushi

My next destination for my sushi quest brought me to Mi•Ne Sushi at Yonge and Elgin Mills. Interestingly, I went to a restaurant also called Mi-Ne Sushi in Hong Kong last year, but the two are obviously not related. Regardless, after reading many positive reviews, I had pretty high expectations for this restaurant.
Mi•Ne Sushi had a very large menu, including many interesting maki that I would love to try. Most combos came with salad and miso soup. One complaint was that the wait staff neglected to serve us tea even after our food arrived.
I came with a group of friends, so I also took pictures of their meal. This was the chicken teriyaki zen combo with shrimp and vegetable tempura, 3pcs nigiri sushi and 3pcs California roll and a bowl of rice.
One of the maki combos included 6pcs of spicy tuna roll, spicy scallop roll and California roll each. I sampled the spicy tuna and spicy scallop roll, although I really couldn't differentiate between the two spicy rolls. My friend complained that the rice was too sticky, but I didn't detect that problem. In my opinion, the two rolls were quite tasty.
This was the sashimi and tempura zen combo that included 7pcs sushi and maki, 12pcs sashimi with shrimp and vegetable tempura, and a bowl of rice.
I had some of the tempura and it was fresh and tasty. I rarely see onion tempura, so I found that quite interesting. Unfortunately, I didn't try it, although I presume it would taste like an onion ring.
This was my maki combo that included 7pcs golden dragon roll and 6pcs California roll. The golden dragon roll was simply a dynamite roll wrapped with fresh salmon. I wished I had gone for a more innovative roll, but it was tasty nevertheless. For me, I found my friend's spicy scallop/tuna rolls to be more enjoyable. In the end, I swapped a lot of my rolls to sample everyone else's food.
One of my friends ordered the Lobster roll: Deep fried fresh lobster tails, avocado, tobiko and cucumber, crab meat, shaved bonito. I tried one, but it didn't taste that much different from a dynamite roll. I didn't get a lot of the lobster flavour.
 Another friend opted for the Mi•Ne Special Dinner, with beef teriyaki,  4pcs shrimp tempura, 7pcs sushi and maki, and 12pcs sashimi.
We were served oranges for desserts and they were very sweet. In the end, I enjoyed the food here more than most of my friends. I really liked the menu variety and the dinner combos certainly came with a lot of food (not that quantity matters that much to me). However, I probably won't be coming here much due to its far location.  
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