June 29, 2011

Lunch @ WVRST

I generally don't like sausages, with the exception of gourmet ones.WVRST is a newly opened gourmet sausage and beer eatery on King West, a fairly new concept in the city. Although I'm not crazy about beer, I was quite excited to try it out.
I arrived at 1:30 pm on a Saturday afternoon and the place was surprisingly quiet. The atmosphere was relaxed and casual, with wooden communal tables and rows of light bulbs strung to the ceiling.
The menu was very simple, and the sausage are served two ways: currywvrst style and on a bun. Of course I had to try both! For the bun, I opted for turkey/chicken sausage with sautéed jalapeños and caramelized onion. I modified my concoction into a hot dog by adding ketchup and grainy mustard. However, I wasn't overly impressed by the sausage. It had decent flavours, but the texture was too dry. The toppings were very tasty though, but I wanted more on my bun. 
For the currywvrst, we chose spicy Italian with pork and chili flakes. For me, I preferred the sausage on a bun, and again I found the sausage here overly dry. It was served with two pieces of rye bread, which I didn't enjoy nearly as much as the bun. The overall texture was tough and chewy.
In addition to the two sausage dishes, we also got a small order of plain fry Belgian-style fries with maple rosemary dip. The fries were actually my favouite part of the meal and the maple rosemary dip was quite addictive. That said, I think it is pretty hard to mess up fries too badly.
Overall, I think WVRST didn't live up to the hype. I was intrigued by the sausage/beer hall concept, but I wasn't overly impressed by the gourmet sausages. Both of my selections were overly dry and didn't wow me with flavours. Perhaps I should have ventured out to try one of the game sausages, but nevertheless, it wasn't remarkable enough for me to come back.
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