June 14, 2011

Lunch @ Joey Don Mills

This is a comparison post regarding a curious observation of two of my favourite menu items at Joey Don Mills: the Italian sausage flatbread and lobster grilled cheese. For some reason, the executions were very different on the two occasions that I dined there. Considering that I'm usually very impressed by the food here, I'm quite surprised in this inconsistency.
This picture was from a recent lunch that I had. The flatbread was a lot more rustic in presentation. The sausage was very thinly sliced, and the basil leaves were left on whole. There was also considerably more olives. When they presented us with this pizza, it was so unrecognizable that we had to inquire whether it was the one we ordered.
For all the other times that I ordered the flatbread, it looked like this. The sausage was in thick slices, and the herbs and olives were finely chopped. I much prefer this refined version because the flavours are a lot more integrated and there were less olives, which I'm not a big fan of. I certainly hope that Joey will serve this version again in the future.
For the lobster grilled cheese, the difference was more subtle. The cheese from sandwich was obviously orange in colour...
...whereas the cheese was white in the past. In terms of taste, the two versions were pretty similar, so I supposed they just used a different type of cheddar. Perhaps I'm being picky, but consistency is very important to me for a restaurant, and I certainly hope that Joey will improve on it.
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  1. I cannot attest to Joey's problem with inconsistency that you mentioned since it was my first time going, but the food I ate there was great! I had the ahi tuna club: a burger with a tuna steak on a bed of arugula, bacon, onion rings, and a red pepper jelly, served inside a rustic focaccia-like bread. The texture of the crust of the bread was perfectly crunchy, but not to the point where you scratch up your mouth, and the combination of all the flavours combined was amazing. The only thing I would want differently is a thicker tuna steak, but for $16.50, you can't expect a 1" steak. Thanks for mentioning this place though! It was a tasty experience and I'll be sure to come back for more!



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