June 27, 2011

Lunch @ Dumpling Village

Dumpling village has my favourite dumplings in town, as well as other Northern Chinese comfort food. The ambiance and décor are not great, and the service is borderline terrible at times (I frequently struggle with getting the wait staff's attention), but the food is genuinely delicious and the prices are cheap. To start, we ordered a plate of shredded meat and cucumber with vermicelli, dressed with a peanut sauce. It was a light and refreshing dish, and the vermicelli was velvety smooth.
"Silver buns", which was just simple steamed buns. However, I have a deep love for buns of any sort, so I gobbled a lot of this despite its plainness.
Braised beef and pancake wrapped in foil: marinated slices of beef shank and spring onions rolled up with a piece of green onion pancake. The tenderness of the meat was a good complement with the crispy texture of the pancake. Although this was a delicious snack, I personally prefer the beef roll at Asian Legend more. 
I'm always excited when my bamboo basket arrives with 14 delicious and juicy dumplings steamed to order. On this occasion, we opted for assorted steamed dumplings with pork so we can have a large variety. The majority features a combination of pork with some sort of vegetable, such as fennel, chives, cabbage, mushrooms and zucchini. The unfortunate thing is that you never know which one you'll get since they look identical from the outside. My absolute favourite one is a more standard variation- pork and chives.
Pan cake with chives and eggs: crispy, pan-fried pockets stuffed with loads of aromatic garlic chives, bits of scrambled eggs and egg noodles. The piping hot filling was addictively delicious. My family always order a batch of these and pack home the leftovers for a tasty lunch the next day.
The pork pot stickers were comforting and yummy as well. The bottom was pan-fried to a beautiful golden brown and has that wonderful crunch. I particularly enjoyed pairing my pot stickers with black vinegar and chili oil.
As if we haven't had enough of carbs, we go for the red bean paste cake for dessert. The dough is slightly thick, but there's an abundance of red bean paste to make up for that shortfall. Again, I would say that Asian Legend's version is tastier, but this one is quite satisfying as well. Dumpling Village never disappoints me, and I'm usually stuffed silly when I walk out of the restaurant. This meal was not an exception.
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