June 15, 2011

Il Mulino

I had a very lovely meal at Il Mulino, a hidden gem tucked in Eglinton and Bathurst.
The interior was warm and intimate, a perfect setting for a romantic dinner with your loved one. We were greeted very warmly by an Italian gentleman, who thoughtfully asked us for our seating preference. Of course, I chose to sit near the window to take advantage of the natural lighting for the sake of my photos. In fact, the service was so good that it almost made me feel uncomfortable, since I'm a typical Chinese diner who expects swift service and prefers to be left alone to enjoy my meal. Nevertheless, the service here was highly commendable, and I really appreciated it. 
We were served some flat bread dressed with rosemary and drizzles of olive oil. This bread was amazingly addictive, particularly that lovely, crunchy crust. we finished two servings of it on top of our meal. Of course, bread is commonly served at typical Italian eateries, but this bread was exceptional and really set the restaurant apart.
It was a little hard to keep track of all the specials of the day, but the item that jumped out to me was meat lasagna. I love lasagna and have high expectations for it. This one was utterly delectable! The flavours were very robust and the texture of the pasta sheets was wonderful- not too mushy but adequately soft. I wanted to lick the whole plate clean.
In comparison, the other pasta fell a little short. I wanted something simple, so I opted for an appetizer portion of gnocchi quattro formaggio: grana padano and ricotta in a four cheese sauce. Honestly, I thought the appetizer portion was quite generous, so I'm glad I didn't order the full entrĂ©e size. Anyhow, the cheese sauce was rather bland, perhaps because I had tasted the lasagna first. I also thought it could use a little more salt. I was really looking forward to a more pungent cheesy taste (after all, it had four cheeses!), but that didn't really come through. However, the lasagna was so good that I could easily forgive this dish. 
For dessert, our wonderful server recommended the traditional tiramisu, and we happily obliged. For $10, the portion was on the smaller side, but the tiramisu was very tasty. It had perhaps a little too much cream for me, but the flavours were excellent and not overly sweet. I must, once again, emphasize how wonderful the service was. Our water glasses were never empty, and all the staff were incredibly warm and friendly. When our server missed us leaving the restaurant, he even ran out the door to bid us farewell. Next time I come, I would definitely call ahead to find out whether meat lasagna is on their menu that day.
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