June 12, 2011

Family Dinner @ Ding Tai Fung

Recently, I enjoyed another family meal at Ding Tai Fung, one of my favourite Shanghai restaurants. This time, I ventured out of my usual dim sum-heavy comfort zone to try some other dishes. We did get one dim sum though- Potstickers with pork. I felt that this execution missed the mark because the bottom of the dumpling was only very lightly pan-fried and didn't have that crunchy texture that I was looking for. I supposed it's slightly healthier this way.
Rice cake with shredded pork and pickled vegetables in soup was another healthier choice. The flavours were bright and clean, albeit slightly salty.
Sliced pork with chili sauce was something that I haven't had for a long time. I was pleasantly reminded of my grandmother's cooking, because I don't think I've eaten this since she passed away. The fattiness of the pork was awesome.
I enjoyed the surimi with broccoli more than the version executed by Asian Legend. The runny yolk added an extra dimension of creaminess. However, I was disappointed with the amount of broccoli that was given. I was craving for more veggies.
Kung Pao chicken was pretty good but not particularly memorable.
We ended the meal with steamed red bean dumplings. I personally prefer the sesame version of this dessert.
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