June 1, 2011

Dinner @ Alice Fazooli's

Alice Fazooli's changed up their menu recently, so I received a promotional email for a free appetizer. Luckily, I managed to drag my family here to try the new menu before the promotion expired. We had some focaccia bread to start, accompanied by two delicious dips. I just can't get enough of their bread!
After studying the menu for a very long time, I opted for the ravioli fritti as our free appetizer: deep-fried ricotta and spinach ravioli, dusted with cornmeal and herbed breadcrumbs, spicy tomato sauce. This was an excellent starter for sharing and I don't regret my choice one bit.
Next, we ordered a Bruschetta to share: Roma tomatoes, roasted garlic, grana padano, e.v.o.o., balsamic, grilled crostin.
It's hard to mess up bruschetta, and this one was expectedly tasty. It's a refreshing contrast from the previous deep-fried appetizer.
From the pasta section, I chose something new on the menu: Rigatone Salsiccia, featuring ragu with Niagara Berkshire pork sausage, spinach, roasted cherry tomatoes. I loved this! Generally, pasta can be really heavy because of all the sauce, but the non-saucy pasta are often overly dry. This wasn't the case here because the sausage and the vegetables retained a lot of moisture, and the pasta was cooked al dente. Even my mom, who generally don't like pasta that much, gave her approval on it.
I thought that the steak sandwich was rather mediocre. The steak was a 6 oz grilled New York cut, topped with sautéed mushrooms, onions, provolone, served open-faced with a side Caesar salad. Although the combination sounded delicious on paper, the execution didn't impress. The steak was rather tough. I enjoyed my grilled chicken panini last time a lot more.
As a cheesecake fanatic, I couldn't resist ordering the mascarpone cheesecake for dessert. The cake was pretty big- perfect for sharing, though admittedly, I was responsible for consuming most of it. The cheesecake was perfectly rich, creamy and nicely complemented by the mixed berry compote. I could eat this every day!
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