June 4, 2011

Brunch @ The Stockyards Smokehouse &Larder

I've read a lot about Stockyards over the years, so I was absolutely ecstatic to finally try out their food on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The tiny place was pretty packed when we got there, but luckily they were able to squeeze us in after a relatively short wait. It wasn't the most comfortable seating arrangement because they only have counter space instead of tables. I'd imagine it'd be perfect to get take out if one lived near by.
I opted for items that were on their weekend brunch menu. First up, the Stockyard sandwich: deep fried poached egg with country sage sausage and aged cheddar on house baked buttermilk biscuit. I was sold when I read "deep fried poached egg". Can anything sound more enticing than that? I have no idea how they manage to deep fry the poached egg while maintaining a runny yolk, but the technique was pretty impressive. However, I found the overall texture of the sandwich to be overly dry. I didn't get the moisture from the cheese (since it wasn't melted) or the egg (due to its deep fried treatment). A little more moisture would've made this a killer breakfast sandwich.
Fried chicken and waffles was the real winner: fried chicken over Belgian waffles with chili maple molasses citrus glaze. I fell in love with this dish as soon as it came out! The chicken skin was  deliciously crispy and the meat was just incredibly juicy and flavourful! The waffles were also a great complement, and strangely enough, that chili maple molasses citrus glaze worked for both the chicken and the waffle. It was tangy, sweet and just downright irresistible! It was truly a delightful brunch and I can't wait to come back to try other items on their regular menu!
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  1. Love the waffles with fried chicken there, too! I'm not sure about the fried poached egg bit, though. I'll give this restaurant a try when I can.

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