June 8, 2011

Brunch @ A La Kitchen

The first time I came to A La Kitchen, I found the food to be bland and unmemorable. But I'm about giving second chances, so I came back again and ordered different dishes. To start off, we shared a large bowl of sweetened hot soy bean milk. I think I still prefer my soy milk chilled, but this was nice for a chilly day.
Rice roll with dried and minced pork and fried dough stick was quite ordinary. I enjoyed it because I haven't had this in awhile, but nothing spectacular.
I wished for more minced pork and less rice.
Pan fried pork dumplings were nicely executed. The interior was meaty and juicy.
Pan fried pork buns was not very memorable. I still enjoyed it though, because I love this kind of fluffy pork buns. I thought the bun could be fluffier and there could be more filling.
My favourite item of the meal was fried Shanghai noodle. It was addictively greasy and super flavourful! I loved the abundance of meat and veggies, and all the ingredients married together well.
Even though I was stuffed, I couldn't resist getting dessert- deep fried egg white ball with mashed sesame. It was rather underwhelming and I was really too full to enjoy it. All in all, my experience at A La Kitchen was better than my previous one, but I was still not overly impressed by the food. I think that there are better Shanghai restaurants around the area.
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