May 4, 2011


Phoenix is a cha chaan teng that I frequent. It's a tad pricier than your typical Chinese diner, but I enjoy the food here quite a lot. This is the baked chicken cutlet spaghetti with mushroom cream sauce, topped with puff pastry. In my opinion, this was not a successful baked rice. I had envisioned the puff pastry to be baked over the rice, but instead, what we got was a random piece of store-bought puff pastry that was slapped on top. Wasn't a fan of the overcooked spaghetti at all.
Baked pork chop with bacon gravy sauce hits the spot. I love the thick and savoury bacon gravy sauce slathered all over a good piece of fried pork chop and rice. I know that with all that eating, I should have a more refined palate, but I just can't stop eating this!
Fish fillet cutlet on bun is another item that I order on a regular basis. I loved their sugar + miracle whip mixture that they use on their sandwiches! I tried to replicate this fish sandwich at home but I can't find the same type of soft bun.
Sesame ice cream crêpe makes a great dessert. It's not as extravagant as the crêpes I find at places like Demetres and Café Mirage, but I appreciate the simplicity of this version. And plus, I black sesame ice cream a lot. 


  1. Ya I agree on the fact that it's a bit pricier than other cha chaan tang. But their stuff are consistent.

    Any other good places that's good and less pricey?



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