May 9, 2011

Paradise Fine Chinese Dining

I wanted a nice place to enjoy a family-style Chinese meal and I knew I wanted Peking Duck. I searched the newspaper for some deals and ended up choosing Paradise for a $98 package featuring both Peking Duck and lobster, two of my favourites in Chinese fine dining.
Complimentary taro chips were tasty treats to start off the meal! These were nice and crispy.
The first course was the glorious homemade roasted Peking Duck! Before the duck was sliced, it was presented to us for our approval. I'm so curious... do people really reject their duck and ask for another one?
I would eat Peking Duck all the time if it wasn't so fatty! But of course, that decadent layer of fat is what makes the meat so good, in combination with the crispy, roasted skin. I wished we had more pieces to go around, but it was truly delicious. Peking Duck is definitely one of my all time favourite dishes.
The accompanying pancake wraps were delicate and thin, but a bigger size might have facilitated the wrapping process. I wisely resisted the urge to eat this on its own. delicious...
I didn't particularly care for the minced beef with egg drop soup, probably since I'm too used to homemade Chinese soup.
Next up, stir fried fillet of garoupa with Kabocha squash was nicely executed. The sauce was pretty good and complemented the tender pieces of fish. I would have preferred the squash to be cooked a little more though.
The leftover duck meat from the Peking Duck was used for the braised eggplant with duck pieces. I adored the eggplant sauce and I think it worked very well with the duck. I much prefer this to having lettuce wraps with chopped up duck meat, as many restaurants offer.
Baby bok choy in broth and garlic was also pretty good, but once again I would prefer my bok choy a little more tender. I particularly enjoyed the sautéed garlic chunks.
I love lobsters prepared in almost every way and the pan fried lobsters with soya sauce did not disappoint. The meat was sweet and juicy and exterior had a nice crunch from the pan frying. The meal also included the typical red bean soup as dessert, but by then I was way too full. It was an excellent meal that satisfied my Peking Duck craving!
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  1. The entrees are exquisite in presentation. This is fidelity towards original Chinese cuisine. The photography has been excellent as well.



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