May 24, 2011

Mother's Day Dinner @ Sariwon

For Mother's Day this year, I took the whole family to Sariwon for Korean Barbeque. Unfortunately, they had some sort of special function that day, so a lot of diners were left standing at the door for a long time without anyone to greet us. Because I made reservations, we were seated within 20 minutes or so, but I saw a lot of my fellow diners waiting at the door for a very long time. Not very impressive service...
I liked the salad a lot. The dressing had a nice balance of sweet and sour, and it was very refreshing to have before eating all that bbq meat.
Various complimentary banchan. Sariwon gives you a lot of variety.
I'm still not quite sure what that green stuff on the left is, but it was pretty good.
Out of the appetizers, I particularly loved the peanuts and anchovies.
We ordered two types of meat for the bbq: Korean beef ribs marinated in special sweet sauce and fresh boneless beef.
My favourite is their beef marinated in their specialty sweet sauce. No additional dipping sauce was required!
The beef was succulent! You could tell that the meat was very high in quality because it was still moist and juicy after being overcooked.
I also sampled their seafood pancake, which was rather unremarkable.
They also served a complimentary spicy seafood soup, which was delicious and satisfying, particularly on a chilly day.
Dolsot BiBimBob was perfectly tasty. I squirted a mount of spicy sauce onto the rice! I guess it's hard to mess this up in a Korean restaurant.
We ended the meal with a refreshing cup of sweet ginger tea. All in all, it was a great meal. Although Sariwon is pricier than most typical Korean restaurants, the barbeque items were truly outstanding. It was a worthwhile splurge for a special occasion.
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  1. It does look like quite a fresh and clean Korean barbecue place! Great pictures!



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