May 2, 2011

Keung's Delight

It's been many years since I've been to Keung's Delight, and honestly, I don't know how I stayed away for so long. The last time I was there, the place still half-resembled a Chinese diner, with menu items plastered on the wall. The interior has now been completely transformed into a modern, chic and bright space. Not bad for a Chinese restaurant that offers such cheap eats. This post is an amalgamation of several meals that I had here.
Nothing speaks louder than pictures! I love how the menu shows you so many pictures of the various dishes! Seriously! Who has time to read a description when a picture says it all!
Wow... even the the teapots, plates and cups look so sleek and nice. Has Keung's Delight gone upscale?
On top of all that cheap food, they gave us free soup! I only got this on one occasion, and I wonder how often they give out complimentary soup.
Dried scallop congee is creamy, velvety, and a perfect palate cleanser to start the meal.
Steamed rice noodle roll with sweet and peanut sauce is a common street food in Hong Kong. This is more brunch food to me, but I enjoy it a lot nonetheless. 
Sweet and sour pork was delightfully fatty and drenched in an artificial-looking bright red sauce. But regardless, it's a nostalgic dish that stirs back memories of my childhood. Keung's Delight delivers an adequate execution to satisfy my occasional cravings for sweet and sour pork.
Next up, a generous portion of thousand island spareribs, drenched in the thick, creamy sauce that I love. I was definitely starting to feel sick after devouring the fourth piece, but the sauce was so delicious it was difficult to resist.
Chicken with fried rice in hot pot sounded very promising. I love Chinese hot pot rice, having fried rice in the hot pot style sound perfectly delicious, right? Unfortunately, the fried rice didn't really add much to the flavours and was rather bland. The chicken was also overly tough, and I'm missing that fragrance that I usually get from hot pot rice. Next time, I'll stick with my favourite kind with Chinese sausage (lap cheong). 
Steamed snowpea leaves in plain congee was also very good. I particularly liked the bits of salted egg yolk on top of the veggies.
Fried tofu was really enjoyable. The interior was extremely tender and moist.
Shrimp balls in Thousand Island dressing- for some reason, I expected the shrimp to be fried and crispy. They weren't, but I liked it nevertheless.
I felt compelled to order the pepper mustard greens in hot pot because I saw it so many times on other tables. I loved the super peppery soup. I usually don't like eating mustard greens because of its bitterness, but I enjoy that bitterness in soup. I didn't eat a lot of the food in the pot, but I had many bowls of soup.
I was a little perplexed by the presentation of the deep fried milk. Since this is clearly a sweet dish, why is it served with lettuce and a single grape tomato? Nevertheless, I enjoyed this as a dessert (anything deep fried wins my heart).
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