May 5, 2011

Frank's Kitchen

I've read many positive reviews on Frank's Kitchen, so I decided to come here for dinner one night. It was pretty difficult to get a reservation to this place, and you usually need to book more than a week ahead (probably 2-3 weeks ahead if it's for the weekend). The restaurant was really elegant, but the lovely dim lighting made picture-taking a nightmare.
The chef bakes his own bread which changes everyday. We sampled a brioche bun with onion seeds, and a pesto and tomato focaccia. The breads were served with an olive and sundried tomato dip.
Before the food came, we were offered complimentary amuse-bouches which were presented elegantly on spoons and glasses. In the front, we have a goat cheese croquette on top of a light cucumber salad. I hate goat cheese, so luckily I could barely detect the goat cheese flavour in the crispy bite. In the back is a potato and cauliflower velouté, which was basically a soup. It was delicious, but not remarkable.
The first pasta we had was the lobster ravioli in a basil, olive oil, and fresh tomato broth. The lobster was truly the star of this dish. There were generous chunks of sweet and delicious lobster meat in every pasta pocket. The lobster ravioli that I've had in the past are generally smothered in a creamy sauce. In contrast, the tomato broth here was light and delicate, which really allowed the lobster to shine.
For myself, I chose the crisp gnocchi in a gorgonzola cream with pancetta. I usually find gnocchi to be rather heavy, but in this case, I really enjoyed chewing the potato dumpling and their crispy, pan-fried exterior. The texture reminded me of Chinese savoury nian gao (年糕). The gnocchi were pretty evenly charred and they went well with the cheesy sauce. I'm usually not a fan of gorgonzola cheese, but in this case the sauce wasn't overwhelming.
Since the two of us only ordered an entrée each without appetizers, we felt compelled to order a dessert. We decided to share the black plum tarte tatin, topped with a house-made chai latte ice cream. A tarte tatin is basically an upside down tart in which the fruit is caramelized in butter and sugar. I hate chai tea, so I'm not going to comment on the ice cream, but the tart itself was excellent. I loved the caramelized black plum, and I particularly loved that they left the skin of the fruit on. Although the meal was pretty good, I don't think I will be coming back soon. The service was good, perhaps too good, because it made me felt bad for not spending more here, and I'm adverse to spending over $30 per person on a meal! What can I say... I'm cheap!
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  1. For someone who seems to love reviewing restaurants, I keep reading about the foods you don't like. You hate goat cheese, not a fan of gorgonzola, you hate chai tea...

    Looking back on your blog post, the trend continues. Though I don't consider your reviews helpful, you have taught me to read multiple reviews from someone before considering them a credible source. So thanks for that.

    1. Thank you for your comment. For one, I never claimed to be a professional restaurant critic, and this blog is simply a personal expression because I do love to eat out and I want to share my experience with people. So yes, I do have certain things that I don't like, such as goat cheese and chai tea, but I think everyone has preferences, and I'm not aiming to be the most impartial food critic. In fact, I usually avoid ordering things that I don't like. It's unfortunate that you don't find my reviews helpful, but I feel perfectly entitled to write about my personal preferences on my personal blog.

    2. After reading the review, you said so many positive things about the food, I can't figure out why you have listed this restaurant as doesn't like. "The Chef bakes his own bread everyday", The amuse bouche soup was "delecious..."the lobster is the star of the dish"..."the tomato broth here was light and delicate and really let the lobster shine"..."I usually find gnocci to heavy, but I really enjoyed this gnocci with it;s crispy exterior, the gnocci was evenly charred and went well with the cheese sauce, the sauce was not overwhelming"..."even though I don't like chai ice cream (personal preference and not helpful if it is good or not) "but the tart itself was excellent"..."the service was good, maybe too good, which made me feel bad for not spending more,what can I say...I'm cheap"

      You had great things to say about every food item...? as well as the service... why is this restaurant on your do not like list?

      I don't get it.

    3. I'm hoping it's not because it's more than you like to spend, because that would be very unfair to the restaurant, who in your estimation does everything very well.

  2. I have to agree with both comments above. There is a reason this restaurant is absolutely packed and has a very long reservation list. I think the repeat customers, the weeks in advance to get a table, and the ever-growing list of celebrities dining at Frank's and tweeting about their positive experiences (Samuel L. Jackson as an example this weekend along with Rachel McAdams, Ron Sexsmith, and Drake in the past month) speaks volumes. But you are definitely correct, you are entitled to your opinion and to write about it. Just don't expect your opinions to have much weight behind them.

    I just can't understand that if you love to eat out, as you claim, then how can you say you are adverse to spending more than $30 per person??? How do you expect to get excellent service without paying for it? Eating out is just as much about the experience, the ambiance and the service as it is about the food. You can't expect to get all of that at a high level and pay the same as you would at a chain restaurant like Kelsey's (as an example). Food or service is never high level or consistent at places like those, but I guess the price is always right... and you do get what you pay for. In my mind, you got a lot more at Frank's Kitchen then they got in return for your cheap patronage and hypocritical, inaccurate review.



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