May 10, 2011

Eating @ LA (Day 2)

Back at the mall, we chose to dine at a cute little place called Granville Cafe, which prides itself as a scratch kitchen. This means that they try to make everything - from salad dressing to artisan bread - from scratch using wholesome, organic ingredients.
My mom and I wisely shared one entrée, as American portions are typically humongous! We opted for the rustic rib eye sandwich: tender slices of 100% all-natural slow-baked rib eye, smothered with caramelized onions, blue cheese, organic arugula, and topped with Granville’s horseradish aioli and garlic aioli. We also splurged and upgraded the side to sweet potato fries. The sandwich was absolutely delectable, and I could truly taste the quality of the ingredients. I usually find blue cheese too strong for me, but here, it was subtle enough just to add a wonderful kick without overpowering the succulent meat. The fries were also fried to perfection and tasted very fresh.
I couldn't resist getting a cupcake from Crumbs, as they have such creative and whimsical flavours.
The décor here was fun and cute, just how I want a cupcake shop to be.
It was really hard to decide on a flavour, as everything looked fabulously enticing. We saw several that we really wanted to try in the morning, including cappuccino and brownie cheesecake. Unfortunately, when we returned after lunch, some of our top picks were sold out already.
Crumbs also sell these colossal cupcakes. I'd love to have one as a birthday cake.
In the end, we settled for...
...the apple cobbler cupcake, which is an apple cinnamon cupcake with apple preserves filling, topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting and covered in streusel crumbs. This cupcake was truly an unforgettable treat and I just love the extravagance of the streusel topping. I really wish that Toronto could have more innovative cupcake shops like Crumbs.
Granville Casual Gourmet Cafe on UrbanspoonCrumbs Bake Shop on Urbanspoon


  1. Those cupcakes look fantastic!



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