May 10, 2011

Eating @ LA (Day 1)

I took a short 4-day vacation to LA, arriving on Easter Sunday. I was horrified to find out that almost everything was closed that day because they don't have Easter Monday in the States! So shopping was definitely out of the question. Since I was starving after a 5 hour flight, I walked into the first decent-looking restaurant at the mall, which turned out to be BreadBar.
I've always loved artisan bread, so I couldn't wait to try out a few kinds.
We sampled a BREADBAR artisan bread basket which included a trio of dips: hummus, sun dried tomato and pesto. I couldn't remember the names of all the bread as the server was rattling them off, but I know that two of them are Curcuma Hazelnut Loaf (the yellow bread) and the Raisin Walnut Loaf. The hazelnut bread was pretty interesting, but nothing really stood out to me.
I was a little disappointed by the presentation of my Croque madame sandwich, featuring ham emmenthal and a runny egg on grilled Pain de Mie. The sandwich tasted pretty good, but the presentation was so boring I felt like I could've made this at home myself. 
The sandwich also came with a small side salad.
My relatives ordered a mushroom, ham and tomato omelette, served with bread and home fries. Again, the omelette wasn't that impressive, although I did enjoy the home fries. Overall, it was a pretty mediocre meal, but at least it filled me up.
Over at another mall that was actually open on Easter Sunday, I stumbled upon an ice cream store called LA Creamery. It was so cute I just had to try something even though I was still pretty stuffed from my lunch.
My mom and I shared a scoop of salted caramel ice cream. It was really creamy and delicious!
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