May 22, 2011

Dim sum @ Elegant Chinese Cuisine

Elegant Chinese Cuisine has a strange, industrial feel to the space, while Chinese paintings line the walls. We came here for the weekday dim sum special, in which small, medium and large dishes are all the same price.
Congee with veggies, lean pork, and a duo of preserved and salted egg was a good palate cleanser. I particularly loved the pairing of the preserved egg and the creamy congee.
Steamed rice noodle with shrimp and mushroom was very well-executed. The rice noodle was velvety smooth and delicious.
Korean-style grilled beef short ribs was not quite as good as the authentic Korean ones, but satisfying nevertheless. I really liked the sweetness in the sauce.
Golden vegetarian bean curd roll with teriyaki sauce arrived piping hot and almost burned my tongue. I loved the textural combination of the crunchiness and softer interior. The teriyaki sauce complemented the flavours very well.
Deep fried shrimp dumpling served with salad dressing was also a hit. Anything deep fried and dipped in mayo can't go wrong.
Steamed sticky rice with pork and shrimps in lotus leaf is something that I like to order once in a while. I love how the aroma of the lotus leaf seeps through the rice.
I was somewhat disappointed by the golden steamed egg custard bun. There was too much bun and too little custard.
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